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I cannot help but believe that we must teach and model the use of social media for our elementary students. Those of us in elementary education have a responsibility to model for our students the proper use of twitter and blogging before they hit middle school and are setting up their own accounts. We have the unique opportunity to mold their minds before they begin using these on their own. Not to mention the huge positive classroom implications they have — twitter allows our classes to become schools without walls; learning becomes so much more global as students reach across the continent and over the oceans to students everywhere. These give students an authentic purpose to write and spell well. We all know that when students see a purpose in what they are writing, they do a better job of elevating the standard of their writing. So many possibilities are out there for our students when it comes to using social media under the watchful eyes of teachers. I look forward to moving my school in this direction of authentic digital learning.

Education Articles 01/11/2014

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Education Articles 01/08/2014

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Marketing Our Schools

I have been working to grow as an educator and grow my school in this area throughout the past year. In today’s world I cannot help but think that we must take advantage of social media to effectively market our schools in the positive light that they deserve. By tweeting, blogging, and using a variety of other apps we can quickly share with parents what is happening in the classroom almost in live time. Parents are able to share in their children’s experience. We have to capitalize on this.  Here are a few that I have started using; please share what you are using in your school.

Twitter: I tweet what is happening in classes, events to come, and live from events. I have made the decision to have two different twitter accounts. I use one for my “home account” and as my PLN and other things. The other one I use exclusively to tweet as a school administrator. Not everyone does it this way, but this is what is working for me.
Yapp: I post the school calendar on this free app; parents can download it and have access to the school calendar from their phone
SchoolCollabo: This is a private blogging site that parents from our school created, but they market it all over; it allows teachers to blog to about their classrooms as well as post their volunteer needs so that parents can sign up right there; then our front desk PA has access to that and pulls the volunteer list each morning to know who is allowed in the building; our principal blogs to teachers and only they can see that blog; she blogs to the community and they can see that blog; it’s nice because this is private so posting pictures isn’t an issue for some parents.

Education Articles 01/04/2014

This reminds me of a paper I wrote about the difference between praise and encouragement many years ago while an undergrad; it seems that encouraging our children still wins for so many reasons.

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Interesting research about the early years of a teacher’s career.

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Education Articles 01/02/2014

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“In 1988, there were about 65,000 first-year teachers; by 2008, this number had grown to over 200,000 In 1988, the most common teacher was a veteran with 15 years of teaching experience. By 2008, the most common teacher was not a gray-haired veteran; he or she was a beginner in the first year of teaching. By that year, a quarter of the teaching force had five years or less of experience.” Data shows that between 40-50 percent of teachers leave within the first five years of their careers. This article goes into details.

One author’s thoughts about why teachers quit and why they stay.

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